Visit by the delegation of the municipality of Parma

Techcab operations
21 July 2020

On Friday 02-10, at our headquarters in Casale di Mezzani, we received a visit from the delegation of the municipality of Parma, Mr Federico Pizzarotti, mayor of Parma, Mr Francesco Cirillo (head of Cabinet) and Mr Leonardo Spadi (councillor in charge of youth policies), and of the University of Parma, the Rector of the University Professor Paolo Andrei and the Deputy Rector Professor Storti. In addition to the presentation of Cobotechc, our Robotics application for access control and personal recognition, the main reason for the visit was to introduce our business, which employs technicians specialized in Automation and Robotics, with the utmost professionalism and with a host of young people always at the forefront.

The meeting was also an opportunity for a convivial exchange of views dedicated to the growth of our local area and the relationships between the university and the working world.

Techcab thanks all the institutions for their attendance on yesterday’s date and for the time and availability they dedicated to us.

A heartfelt thanks also goes to the majority group leader of the municipality of Colorno Jacopo Rosa, who always supports the growth of our area located in the Po Valley lowland.

A heartfelt thanks, of course, also goes to all the people who contributed to the development of the Cobotechc project, which will soon be ready to be marketed.

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