UL 508A is the product standard for Industrial Control Panels in the United States. Starting from the basics of electrical safety dictated by the NEC, it provides the requirements for the design of machine on-board panels.

Passing electrical arc resistance tests of panels with fully removable drawers (MCC – Motor Control Center) ENTIRELY designed and built by us, compliant with UL845 standards (65kA / 480Vac / 200ms).
Performed at the CESI / IPH Institut in Berlin

UL 891

Standard for electrical panels with rated voltages up to 600V. The Standard’s requirements cover electrical panels to be used on circuits with an effective value of symmetrical short-circuit currents not exceeding 200000 A.

  • UL891 Standard for Safety switchboards ed.11 for designs intended for North America;
  • CSA 22.2 n°244-05 Panel for designs intended for Canadian territory;
  • NMX-J-188/2 ANCE 2012 for designs intended for Mexican territory.

The previously stated standards concern the electrical distribution panels that the company is already able to produce, with the following limitations:

  • Maximum current referred to 480 V 60 Hz 4000A
  • Maximum current referred to 600 V 60 Hz 2000A
  • Max. short circuit resistance referred to 480 V 60 Hz without 65 kA device
  • Short circuit resistance referred to 480 V 60 Hz with 100 kA device
  • Short circuit resistance referred to 600 V 60 Hz 65 kA

UL 508

Techcab company realizes electrical automation panels with reference to the following standards:

  • UL 508 A Industrial Control Panel for the North American market;
  • CSA 22.2 n°286 Industrial Control Panel and Assemblies for Canadian market.

UL 845

Low Voltage Motor Control Center

The Multicontrol panels for the centralized control of motors are based on a modular construction concept that makes them extremely versatile, flexible and usable on any type of system. Multicontrol switchboards can be supplied with fixed or withdrawable drawer execution. The main feature of the drawers’ extractability, each containing the command, control and protection parts of a motor, is to ensure continuity of operation by minimizing downtime due to failure. Multicontrol panels have been designed and built with particular attention to the following aspects:

  • safety for staff,
  • operating continuity,
  • ease of maintenance,
  • layout flexibility,
  • small footprint.

The main reference standards concerning the MCC production for the North American market are:

  • UL845 Low voltage motor control center
  • CSA 22.2 n°254-5 Motor Control Centers