In the area of packaging, Techcab has carried out multiple applications related to the automation of plants for the palletizing of both cardboard and shrink-film bundles (water, wine, food and petfood).

Within the case histories to date, Techcab has had the opportunity to solve issues related to the automation of both plants using traditional gantry palletizers, anthropomorphic robots equipped with gripping heads made by third parties or by our mechanical department (depending on specific customer requirements), and mixed gantry-robot palletizers made to particular customer specifications, in order to achieve very high performance and efficiencies.


In the realization of the automation of a plant for packaging is ordinarily included the management of transports, accumulations, pulleys, roller conveyors, shuttles, sheeters, pallets and various other accessories necessary for the proper functioning of the plant itself. Techcab Srl has had the opportunity to operate, either by inserting its own automation models or by testing software supplied by customers, on plants for conveying different types such as bottles, bricks, boxes, crates, bundles, empty pallets and full pallets, thus taking charge of realizing, where required, the correct control of belts, diverters, accumulations, aligners, pallets without pressure, sheeters, pallets, roller conveyors and shuttles

For Techcab technicians, the implementation of a good operator interface is of paramount importance when operators are managing the operation of any conveyor plant.

Techcab Srl has the experience and knowledge (gained both in the field and theoretically thanks to the many courses dedicated to these issues) to realize an operator interface that respects all modern standards of clarity, visual impact and ease of use starting from the installation of HMI panels, up to the design of control stations based on the most popular SCADA software.


In the field of packaging Techcab Srl has had the opportunity to be entrusted by several client companies with the realization of the automation of applications related to an extremely varied casuistry, including: tray formers, carton formers, tray packers, case packers, shrink wrappers, straw applicators, basket stackers, strapping and wrapping machines.

The wide range of technologies with which Techcab Srl has come into contact over time in the development of applications has significantly contributed to the growth of the know – how of the electrical and mechanical department, therefore, Techcab to date is able to make its engineers available to offer its customers solutions in line with the most demanding requirements.

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