The term ATEX derives from “ATmosph√®res” and “EXplosibles” and refers to explosive atmospheres, i.e. a mixture of air, under certain atmospheric conditions, and flammable substances in the state of: gas, vapour, mist and dust.

Electrical systems in hazardous locations have specific characteristics to make them suitable for operation in such atmospheres. The IEC and EN standards regulate the use of equipment in classified environments and are constantly evolving.

The latest approved regulations introduce the concept of “equipment protection level”, known as EPL, allowing the use of the “risk assessment” in selecting such equipment in environments at risk of explosion.

The Equipment Protection Level (EPL) is an indicator of the risk of explosion that the equipment may present, regardless of the method of protection chosen for the classified area of installation.

TECHCAB actively follows the changes in the regulations and updates its technicians and employees in such a way that they are as trained and informed as possible in the use of the most recent requirements.

In addition to investing several thousand euros in the training of its employees, TechCab was able to increase its knowledge in this area also thanks to the synergy with various companies that work and produce in harsh environments.

TECHCAB actively operates in the following production sectors:

  • MILLING INDUSTRY (presence of Dust)
  • LIVESTOCK INDUSTRY (presence of Dust)
  • GAS COMPRESSION INDUSTRY (presence of Gas)

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