In the field of systems for processing carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum sheet metal there are several experiences related to automation.

With reference to the experience gained in the use of power electronics, which is widely present in the context of any control system realized for the roll forming lines or for the production of electrowelded tube, Techcab Srl has had the opportunity to realize several drives not only for DC drives but also for AC drives of considerable power, employing vector inverters both in “single drive” and “common DC bus” configuration.

Through the adoption of appropriate strategies when developing the application software related to the PLCs to which the control of the plants in question has been delegated from time to time, Techcab has addressed issues such as:

  • Pull control for decoilers
  • Speed synchronization
  • Tensioning control for bridles
  • Control of feed loops with and without dancer
  • Winding with pull or speed controlled decoilers
  • Control of horizontal accumulators
  • Control of vertical accumulators
  • Punching on the fly
  • Cutting on the fly
  • Wrapping machines
  • Control of flattening machines
  • Control of shears and rotary blades
  • Control of stackers

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