Techcab operates in the metalworking sector by offering solutions for the automation of production lines for metal containers and caps starting from steel and aluminium sheets.

Issues such as:

  • position synchronization control for lithographs in 2 and more colours
  • position synchronization control for painting machines
  • sheet feeder control for drying ovens
  • automatic stackers for sheets, both magnetic and by vacuum
  • sheet feeder and positioner control for automatic presses
  • automatic press control
  • speed synchronization
  • position synchronization
  • actuator control via digital cams

Have been addressed and resolved by TECHCAB S.R.L. by adopting appropriate strategies during the development of the application software for PLCs and MOTION CONTROLLERS entrusted with managing the plants.

Axis control systems are widely used as part of any command system made for metalworking lines, and TECHCAB S.R.L. has had the opportunity to create many applications using both MOTION CONTROLLER systems and dedicated PLCs.

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